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My name is Sarah Clark and I am a dog trainer and behaviorist in Atlanta, Georgia. I began my studies in dog behavior and training at the young age of 12 in an unprofessional pursuit, obviously, and it quickly grew into an obsession that shaped my life. At 15 I began working professionally in the animal field and by 19 I was a training apprentice with one of Atlanta’s top trainers and behaviorists in 2006. I began working with aggression rehabilitation in 2008 and haven’t looked back since. Aggression management is a passion because it saves lives, canine and human alike, and it provides a huge insight into the genetic and psychological factors behind dog behavior, as well as how the human relates to the dog to exacerbate or remedy the situation. It is through this approach that I began to develop a theory focused on the human relationship with dogs, and how that relationship essentially creates the dog in a psychological, social and spiritual construct. I received a bachelors degree in sociology and criminology in 2018 which gave me a scientific understanding of human behavior at large and the effect of greater cultural and social belief on the behavior of those within the milieu. Criminology also added a unique perspective as the study of nature vs. nurture in what creates violent offenders offeres an important insight on the nature of problem behaviors, genetically and socially, which relates quite easily to the family dynamic of human and dog relationships.


I am currently working out of metro Atlanta, GA taking clients periodically. This website is intended to provide a foundational understanding of human/dog cohabitation and so much of what I would offer professionally for generic cases can be provided here free of charge. I encourage you to email me with questions on behavior or training you may have, as a Q&A area on this website is essential to developing a comprehensive view of problem behaviors, their sources, and their remedies. Visit the “services” or “contact” page for contact information and requirements.

Thank you!

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